Friday, March 28, 2014

Digiflip CB001 Bag Review

 Digiflip CB001 camera bag

This is the second camera bag I bought from flipkart, the first one being the Lowepro 150 Mica. When I first wanted to buy a DSLR bag, this was the one I wanted, but chose instead the Lowepro, thinking it would be big, but unfortunately no. Still the Lowepro, though small, can carry two camera bodies with lenses and accessories, if you are intelligent enough to fit them in. The quality of the Lowepro is top notch to say the least compared to the Digiflip CB001. 

here is the package it arrived in

Before saying anything about this bag, I would like to add that they are many off brand bags available in the market in the Rs.1000 – Rs.2000 category which are much better made than the Digiflip CB001. In my local camera market I happened to come across an off brand bag for Rs.1500 that was big enough and sturdy enough to handle two pro bodies, many lenses and accessories. 

I understand this is flipkart’s own brand and they may have added a pocket or two from the previous versions. In regard to the Lowepro bag I ordered earlier, I was relieved to find that this bag is big enough to accommodate all my gear. The quality is good compared to the price @ Rs.1050/- ($16).

Digiflip logo on the top compartment 
The bag has two compartments, top and bottom. The bottom part holds the camera bodies and lenses whereas the top part is zippered where you can put in your flashes, filters, cards, etc. All in all, this bag is a great value for money. The pics are from when it arrived in November 2013.

 Nicely laid out compartments
inside the Digiflip CB001 camera bag

What all I put in the bag??

Bottom Compartment

  1. Nikon D200 Body
  2. Nikkor 18-70 lens with hood
  3. Nikkor 50mm lens
  4. Sigma 28-105 Lens
  5. Sony a200 Body
  6. Sony 18-70 lens
  7. Power cables and data cable in the front pocket
  8. Canon 430 EX flash
  9. Nikon Battery Charger
  10. Sony Battery charger.
  11. AA battery charger

Top Compartment 
  1. 8 AA batteries in the top most pocket along with Sony and Nikon camera batteries
  2. Diffusion material in the top compartment.
  3. Blower
  4. Sensor cleaning kit
  5. Collapsible hoods
  6. Marker
  7. Business Cards
  8. Triggers
  9. Cleaning cloth

I can still make some space to fit in more things...I am a space warrior haha.

Update: After using the bag for 4-5 months, now I realize, the padding material used for panels inside the bag is not of the highest quality and might come off soon. 

Note: all pictures shot with Nikon D200 with on-camera flash.



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Great review well detailed. May I suggest that you might try wearing the bag so your audience can see how does it looks like when someone is wearing it just a piece of advice

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ok david, will try to do that.

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