Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tripod DIY - Repairing or Making Your Own Quick Release

The Vivitar VPT-3600 Tripod

When I bought my Sony a200 DSLR the shop owner promised to give me a free tripod and I got it after a few days. The catch? It had no quick release plate or the fastening latch. I kept it unused for a long time. Recently I figured I could use it as a light stand and also put an umbrella adapter for full fledged use in the studio.

This model is made by Vivitar and is called the VPT-3600. It is retailing for INR 2,250 on ebay brand new. This model is very light and can be used as a travel tripod.  

After some more time I realized I can make the quick release myself. So I studied a lot of things online but nothing seemed to help. Unfortunately tripods come in variety of sizes and configurations. So do the quick releases as there is no universal standard in their size and function.

Slot for the Tripod quick release plate

I briefly even considered making the quick release by making a wooden cast and melting some plastic but realized that would be too much of a hassle and I didn’t have the tools or the expertise.
I figured the tripod is salvageable after all.

The Vivitar logo and mostly faded model name

I drew up the schematics and dimensions of the top plate.
I still haven’t made it, but sharing the info. Will soon put up the pictures or may be a video lets see.

What I am using is:
  1. 3 screws to fix the wood plate
  2. Some metal and rubber washers
  3. A ¾ inch hard aluminum (ideally somethign hard like a metal)top plate that will sit on top of the wooden plate
  4. A ¾ inch piece of wood with a thickness of 1 ¼ inch
  5. A ¼ inch bolt that will into the bottom of the camera.     
If you have a carpenter’s workshop in your area you can get it done or volunteer to do it yourself, but be careful while working the vice, saws and drilling machine.

to be continued....


bhavya tech said...

Did you do it? I have the same problem.

Viisshnu said...

Yes I did it, but was too busy to post the update. Will do asap. The solution is better than the quick release.

samhouch said...

same boat. Great tripod

samhouch said...

Gonna try this $4 generic QB-4W:

Claimed by this site to be the replacement model # quick release:

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