Friday, May 25, 2012

Some pictures with the Minolta 28mm f2.8 Lens

Yesterday, I happened to try out the Minolta 28mm f.28 at the Chimalgi store in Jubilee Hills. Here are some pictures from the lens, shot on a Sony a200 DSLR. The build quality of the lens is very good and ofcourse it doesnt have a aperture ring. You can set the aperture from your DSLR however. The colors from the lens are not the most vivid, but they shall do. Its a good lens for portraits, candids and street too. I found its also not the sharpest compared to the beer can but ofcourse that costs twice as much. Remember this is shot on a APS-C sensor camera which has cropped FOV and is not full frame like a 35mm Film camera, the 28mm is really 42mm. 28mm is near to the focal length of what the human eye sees on everyday basis.


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